June 30, 2018

So excited about trying Lancôme beauty products for the first time. I’ve always heard good talk about it but it is on the pricey side. The hydration moisturizer cream gel is $48 dollars for the jar in picture however, a little goes a long way and you only use it in the...

January 22, 2017

First I would like thank e.l.f cosmetic for creating their brand and making good product. 

    I normally use Wet & Wild setting spray, but my local drug store never have it. I was in need of setting spray ( don't like the powder ) as I was checking other brands the cos...

November 17, 2016

Product from e.l.f. cosmetics

October 3, 2016


         Match Me Foundation 

                 Black Radiance


  Still on the hunt for a new makeup-line, I was shopp...

August 7, 2016

KleanColor Skin-Deep

(Lightweight Sick Foundation) SPF20

I started wearing makeup when I was 15 and makeup/cosmetics has changed a lot, in a good way.    I have trouble finding my color in foundations and I'm looking for a new makeup-line.  

 In a beauty store...

June 11, 2016

I love Wet n Wild cosmetic line, especiallythe lipsticks. After putting on my makeup and it sets, my face is so oily it shines. I would have to keep napkins on hand so I could blot my shining areas of my face and I was so tired of doing that. So I was in my local drug...