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Makeup- Review!

I love Wet n Wild cosmetic line, especially the lipsticks. After putting on my makeup and it sets, my face is so oily it shines. I would have to keep napkins on hand so I could blot my shining areas of my face and I was so tired of doing that. So I was in my local drug store shopping and I came across this. This cost about $5.00 very affordable, looking good and not breaking the bank.

After opening compack contianer, the lid where the powder is, lifts up and there's a soft cushion like pad to apply the powder. However, I did not use the pad they provided. I figured the soft pad would take of my makeup so I used a makeup brush I've already had to apply it.

How it work: Awesome!

This 'Mattifying Powder' works two ways. It sets and take away the shine - the powder contains silica beads, that absorb oil and minimize shine. The powder is lightweight so you don't need a lot just apply an even layer over your foundation or bare face.

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