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The Big Goof

"Make the mistakes of yesterday your lessons for today."

- Theodore Roosevelt

I was recently on my way to an event at a large retirement facility. I was to be the keynote speaker, and I was going over everything in my mind as I drove to the event. I had remembered everything: my suitcase full of props, books to sell, a tablecloth for the book table, price signs, dollar bills for making change, flyers, business cards, and a bottle of water. The one thing I forgot my speech.

Granted, I don't use notes much, but they help keep me on track. I refer to my notes for detailed facts, and they pull me back to the core if I find myself telling yet another story. For the first time in 20-plus years of giving speeches, I'd forgotten to put my notes in my prop suitcase with my collection of rubber chickens.

It was too late to turn back. I knew my talk was divided into three parts, and each part had five sections. So as I drove the car, trying to keep from hyperventilating, I asked my sister to take notes as I related all I could remember. And yes, with only one-fiftieth of my notes in front of me, I delivered the speech just fine. But I also was reminded of a good lesson that day-don't fly by the seat of your pants. Take the time to make lists, and pack carefully. Even though I don't really need my security blanket that much, it's nice to have it there just in case I have a senior moment someday.


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