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Foundation Stick!

KleanColor Skin-Deep

(Lightweight Sick Foundation) SPF20

I started wearing makeup when I was 15 and makeup/cosmetics has changed a lot, in a good way. I have trouble finding my color in foundations and I'm looking for a new makeup-line.

In a beauty store looking around I saw this tube at first I thought it was concealer ( you can use as a concealer). When looking for my foundation color I chose a shade darker than my skin tone because, after washing my face and moisturizing my skin is darker. So I chose Dark Almond for my shade,

A few of things I like about this stick foundation is one: very lightweight after putting it on its like my own skin.

two: this foundations buildable and has an spf in it.

three: smoothness. soft glide

What I don't like and really the only thing I don't like about is, it has a perfume smell. I have sensitive skin so when comes to putting cosmetic products on my face I don't want anything with perfume. This smell could be from the spf20 that's in it.

Now the smell is bold- as in full like strong(to me it is). It's not bad but I can smell it while I'm wearing it, You know the saying,"if you can smell it someone else can smell it." I definitely thought other people could smell it too.

All in all a good product

If you have oily skin like me a stick foundation is something you want to try

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