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For Real This Time!

I don't know how many times I've started and stopped my weight gain journey. So for real this time I've started back, I just recently bought vitamins. I decided to get the weight gainer shake I got the last time from Optimum Nutrition because it did work I just wasn't consisted with drinking it. I all so like Soylent meal shakes too, but the only I don't like with their shakes is you have to drink them cold, they are disgusting hot. I'm a vegetarian so knowing what to eat isn't a problem just me eating is. My problem back when I was working two jobs I was barely getting two meals a day and I wasn't eating good snacks ether. I need a great workout plan and I'll be good, I've been thinking about joining an online workout program. I see a lot of them, a lot of personal trainers have them too. I don't know so until then I'll pull out my old workout challenges and do those. I will post how I'm doing when I get my weight gainer shake in.

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