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My Manifestation of The Day


" I trust Azrael to guide me through the process of grief, fully processing it so I can move forward in my life. And I ask him to help me remain open to better things, situations, and people coming into my life."

Azrael is Gods Helper - now as the ' benevolent transformer of mental and emotional anxieties. Azrael help guide you with processing your grief: your what to do next , healing from your lost.

Notes: I have been missing my love ones lately wishing they were here. I do hear their voice and them being with me in spirit. Most I've been sad/stressed over the things I lost because of moving. ( slowly building back )


Have you ever been sad for someone that past away and you wished you knew them?

( Answer in the comments )

Affirmation coming from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

I don't remember the link were I signed up for this , but theses affirmations and the readings that comes along with it have been on point with my life.

Shop Code for the journal sheets ( LOVE )

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