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" I trust Archangel Muriel to guide me through the process of developing emotional intelligence, balance, and my natural intuitive abilities. And I ask her to help me remain open to more love, compassion, and understanding in my heart. "

Angelic Reading:

Archangel Muriel- is the archangel of intuition and emotional harmony. Her name means

' perfume of God' she connect with people in psychic communication through the sense of smell.

Ever smelled a sweet aroma in the air?

A floral scent is usually presents when " perfume of God:, or Archangel Muriel is present.

* ( If you don't ever smell anything, that's okay your psychic senses hasn't or is developing )

I've been empathic and have a difficult time with emotions and feelings ( and I have) .

My sensitivity is a gift as it is heightened intuition.

Archangel Muriel rules over the month of June and over the sensitive sign of Cancer which is a highly intuitive water sign.

I am being encouraged to awaken my humanitarianism within. If I truly work to break down the guard around my heart, I'll be gifted with new intuitive gifts that can take my healing work to the next level.

Archangel Muriel would love to be acknowledged and thanked for protection me on the spiritual plane ( and I do ! ). Calling upon her , she enjoys the smell of myrrh. She is very gentle and provides nurturing, motherlike energy. She wants you to feel comfortable with seeing and feeling her presence, so she presents herself in your dreams on a light magic carpet.

* When we close our hearts to the world, the ones that we truly hurt are ourselves.

- Archangel Muriel

****My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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