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" My passion has a purpose and I communicate it clearly."

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury trine Mars - February 22, 2023

Mercury has only recently moved into Aquarius, still finding its legs, so to speak. Under this transit, our interests lean towards the unusual, the unconventional, and new ways of doing things. With the planet of communication here, we may take on the air of a mad scientist when speaking about our innovative ideas! We must remember not to distance ourselves at this time, however, by being too cold or outlandish when dealing with others.

Mars is still making its way through Gemini, where it was held up during a long retrograde. It doesn’t move out of the sign until late March, so it’s imperative that we learn how to work with it in this space. It’s here that we learn how to put some passion behind our words and ways of relating to others. You may find that your mental energy is heightened at this time, so be sure that you’re using it wisely. Having a healthy outlet for it is key - ie., anything that allows you to use your mind for a greater purpose

Mercury and Mars are four signs away from each other, meaning they’re both in the same element. In this case, air. We can’t stress enough that communication is the theme today, and anything you say may have a further reach than you’re prepared for. In addition, this is a great time to collaborate, so take your Aquarius-infused ideas, get a skeleton crew together, and see them through! So long as you concentrate and focus, your thoughts will take flight.

Maximize This Energy

The suit of cards in the tarot that relate to the air element is the Swords. They represent (you guessed it) mental energy! When these cards appear in a reading, we’re inspired to embrace our knowledge and expand our horizons in order to gain even more of it. It’s an energy that is imbued with the traits of the Divine Masculine - action, logic, and power. Now is not the time to rest on our your laurels.

Go Deeper

Although a trine is considered a beneficial aspect, it’s important to be mindful of Mars’ penchant for domination and hot-headedness. Be mindful of how you come across, and think before you speak. If you’re feeling particularly perturbed, take ten minutes to write your thoughts out on paper. Read them back to yourself and reassess and reframe if needed before communicating them to another person.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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