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"Angel Barbiel, the divinely appointed angel of compassion, sometimes my judgment of others is out of alignment with what I know is true on a soul level. Thank you for helping me to understand that the Universe’s mercy on me is a reflection of my mercy on others."

Angelic Reading- Barbiel

Archangel Barbiel- The Angel of October

He is the Angel of Compassion and the protector of truth seekers.

Archangel Barbiel is here to convert difficult feelings into genuine compassion for yourself and others.

Our human experience doesn’t necessarily promote transmutation of these negative emotions -- our society usually promotes becoming stagnant there.

We’re taught that revenge is the way or that when you’ve been wronged that you shouldn’t trust others the same way again.

Truly, this is the fastest way to becoming cold-hearted and closed off to your natural divine right to love and abundance.

Archangel Barbiel wants to see you live your most fulfilling, passion-fueled human experience, so he is here to offer his healing.

There is a difference between "turning the other cheek" and doing what is right.

As much as we would love to remain passive about issues, Archangel Barbiel encourages you to stand up for yourself.

He holds a fiery sword that cuts through the darkness, exposing truths and also highlighting the best way to handle them.

No, this does not mean to go out and seek revenge, but Archangel Barbiel does wish to show you how to set and maintain boundaries.

The good fight here is about fighting for yourself.

Barbiel helps develop the inner strength to stand up for yourself!

As much as you would love to give, give, give, or remain forgiving of others, that does not mean that you should feel depleted or drained of your energy.

This should also not make you angry or closed off to the world.

Instead, Archangel Barbiel offers the medicine of self-love and deep compassion for yourself.

All of the forgiveness that you would normally grant to others so freely should be poured into yourself.

Barbiel is here to remind you that you did the best with what you could do with the knowledge that you had at that time.

Now, he is igniting your path towards healing, power, transformation, and protection for the future.

If you should ever need his assistance, simply ask for his mighty energy to guide and guard you through your future endeavors.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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