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My Manifestation of The Day


"I am safe, comfortable, and in touch with my feelings."

Guidance Reading: Astrological Energy Shift: Moon in Cancer - February 28, 2023

The moon was previously in the sign of Gemini. When the luminary is in an air sign, it takes on an intellectual vibe, shedding its emotional nature. It can be challenging to trust our intuition and rely on our feelings during this transit. But that’s okay, since it’s always a good idea to take some time to strengthen the analytical mind! Moon in Gemini is also curious as a cat, so you’ll often find that you leave no stone unturned when it’s in this sign. You may also tend to not take things too seriously, which can be a nice reprieve.

Tonight, the moon makes its way into Cancer. When it’s in the domain of the crab, it’s in domicile, or at "home." This means that its energy is strengthened and its themes are highlighted. In this case, we experience themes of home, nurturing, safety, protection. While moon in Gemini nudges us out the door to experience the world and socialize, moon in Cancer leaves us feeling like couch potatoes; reclusive in a good way. (After all, we all need some time to decompress!) Doing little chores around the house is favored right now, making it more secure and comfy for yourself and your family. Let’s not discount another of moon in Cancer’s signature traits - ie., intuitive abilities! All water signs harness this energy. Rather than going with your gut our your mind, you are now actively tapping into the energy center that’s between your eyes; your third eye. When making important decisions, take some time to determine how your feel rather than what you think about the matter. Make sure you get adequate rest right now, too, and take plenty of relaxing bubble baths or hot showers!

Maximize This Energy

Since today is imbued with the water element, let’s look toward the Suit of Cups in tarot. It’s through these minor arcana cards that we learn to trust our emotions, respect our feelings, and deepen our close relationships. We must remember that water can create as well as destroy, so we should not take our emotional powers lightly. It’s our responsibility to gauge our reactions and make sure that we’re not getting stuck in any one feeling.

Go Deeper

If possible, spend some time outdoors to connect with tonight’s moon. Since it’s a waxing gibbous, it should be easy to spot (pending weather)! Soak in the energy and see where it takes you. Imagine that the light is shining right down into your third eye, the powerful energy center that lies between your two physical eyes. Notice any feelings that come up, but make an effort not to try to analyze them. Just let them be - be the observer rather than the problem-solver. After a few minutes, take some time to journal what came up for you. You may be surprised at what comes forth!

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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