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Astrological Energy Shift: Moon square Uranus - March 4, 2023

The moon is hanging out in Leo - it entered the sign just yesterday. Under this transit, we feel warm and playful. And, since the domain of the lion is ruled by the sun, we enjoy a sense of pride, a healthy inflation of the ego, and enhanced creativity. If you’re an artist or performer of any kind, moon in Leo has your back! There’s a flare for drama here, especially for those who were born with either luminary in this sign.

Meanwhile, Uranus is three signs away in Taurus, where it’s been since 2018 (off and on due to retrogrades) and will remain until 2026! This planet is one of electricity and surprises, sudden changes, bouts of insight. However, we must consider that its energy is weakened in this sign since it’s considered to be at fall here when we consider the planetary "dignities." Earth in general clashes with the themes of Uranus since the element’s shadow side can lead us to stubbornness, narrow-mindedness, and the comforts of tried-and-true traditions.

To add to Uranus’s restrained energy in Taurus, we have the moon forming a square to it this afternoon. This transit brings with it unwanted change, unpleasant surprises and, sometimes, quite eccentric and odd behavior. You may find that your emotions are in conflict with your thoughts and actions today. Uranus is nothing if not unconventional, so be mindful of taking on a devil-may-care attitude or alienating yourself for the sake of individuality. Tradition is turned on its head in general when the planet is squared - make sure you’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater by discounting structured foundations, authoritarianship, or disciplinary measures.

Maximize This Energy

One of the cards that matches Uranus’s energy in tarot is The Tower. While some readers are weary of this card, it brings with it a completely necessary and welcome (if you’ll have it) upheaval. This matches with the planet’s unprecedented and unpredictable nature. The change here points to a personal awakening where we are not just inspired, but literally forced to roll with the punches and confront anything that stands in our way. Let it flow or let it go.

Go Deeper

Examine where in your life you may have become stagnant, unmoving, stubborn. Use earth and Uranus’s positive attributes and allow growth to come. Being mindful of why you’re holding on to certain situations, things, or people will help you release what’s no longer serving.

Love and light.

*** My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr

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