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"I invite clarity into my life as my angels, spirit guides, and ancestors guide me towards fulfilling my divine soul path. I know that they are assisting me, paving the way, and highlighting the next steps that I need to take. I will plan my future with confidence and courage."

Tarot Card Reading- The 2 of Wands

You’re ready to get up and go, right now is NOT the time to make a big decision.

Rather, this is the time to plan for the big decision that you’re going to have to make very soon.

I know, it’s like you’ve got ants in your pants at this point -- but The Universe wants you to know that you need to strategize first.

When the Two of Wands card shows up in a reading, it brings the wand's fiery energy to the forefront, presenting you with a passionate fork in the road.

For a while, you might have felt like you’re in this stagnant place in your life.

As with anything, the Universe is always listening and paying attention to your desires.

So now, you’re faced with a few options before you!

Now more than ever, you’re being called to channel this new zest for life strategically, relying more on your practical, masculine energy.

Despite your gender, everyone has the ability to tap into masculine energy that deals with what can be seen, touched, felt, heard, and planned.

Your spirit guides want you to use your mind right now and not rely so much on your feelings.

Now, this card doesn’t necessarily mean that you should completely ignore your emotions. Afterall, passion and excitement are also emotions.

But... just remember, emotions are just energy in motion. So answer the call of the 2 of Wands card and channel this energy productively!

Right now is the time to reach out to your spiritual network -- your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides that are working behind the scenes want to see you reach your goals. They can give you guidance and clarity when you need it.

If only you knew the blessings that will follow if you heed this message and prepare yourself for this next chapter of your life...

You’ll definitely be thanking the Universe then!

The best way to ensure that those miraculous gifts continue to come into your life is to break out your planner and get realistic about how you’re going to commit to your next big move.

To your developing future!

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

Below are cover, planner, journal sheets, and pouches

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