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"I give my dreams structure and bring to life my highest aspirations."

Astrological Energy Shift: Saturn in Pisces - March 8, 2023

Saturn was previously in the sign of Aquarius, its actual ancient home. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced a bit of a stoic, serious mindset that allowed us to add a healthy dose of skepticism to new thoughts and ideas. This transit had legs as, though Aquarius is an air sign (despite its aqua moniker), Saturn brought with it a grounded energy; conceptualizing it's sometimes radical viewpoints and applying some practicality to its humanitarian efforts. The caveat here is that we often come across as aloof or cold when relating to others, as we tend to favor ideals over close and meaningful connections.

Today is the first full day of Saturn in Pisces, as it just entered the domain of the fishes yesterday. The planet is a bit neutral here, as it’s not in domicile, exaltation, fall, or detriment. This may seem like an paradoxical place for the planet to move through, as Saturn is all about form and function, and Pisces is about the unseen and imagination. However, the two working together give us the opportunity to bring our dreams back down to reality and create structure around them so that they can be put to good use.

Pisces softens Saturn’s hard gaze, giving it grace and wiggle-room. And Saturn, in turn, offers Pisces the boundaries it needs to create something out of nothing. This is the energy of the dedicated, hard-working, but creative artist. The one who is disciplined yet vulnerable, strict but relenting. And, overall, devoted to their dreams in a way that makes obstacles and time restrictions seem manageable. If you make an effort to balance the two seemingly-opposite energies by trusting your feelings and intuition while valuing your own time and efforts, Rashan, you will see tangible results come out of this powerful transit (which lasts for a few years).

Maximize This Energy

The tarot card that matches up with Saturnian lessons is The World. It makes up the very end of the major arcana, so it has everything to do with completion, accomplishment, looking at the lessons learned over the course of a lifetime. We must not only contemplate on what we’ve gone through (as Pisces is wont to do), we must also make an effort to integrate the experiences. Maturity is one of Saturn’s traits, after all, so make sure that you’re taking responsibility for your actions and have learned how to move forward.

Go Deeper

We must consider that the last time slow-moving Saturn was in Pisces was from 1994 to 1996. Think about where we were collectively during that time period, as well as where you were as an individual. Did any of the themes mentioned above play out in your life? What did you learn at this time? Some of you may be too young to remember (or were not even born yet!) - if so, you can do some Googling of major events and/or ask an older person how it went down.

Oh and, by the way, if you were born between those two dates, you’re experiencing your long-awaited Saturn return! This means that your life is about to open up into a new chapter and reality will hit you square in the face. Breathe through it, welcome the changes, and carry on.

Love and light

*** My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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