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My Manifestation of The Day


"I let the gratitude wash over me. I recognize this moment is showing me all my hard work coming to fruition and I graciously accept these gifts. I lean into the feelings of celebration, sharing, acknowledgment, and collaboration with those I love. I dance, I sing, I laugh and I am free."

Tarot Card Reading: 3 Of Cups:

Today the Three of Cups appeared for you and it is a sign of joyful celebration!

The Three of Cups often represents a group of people coming together to focus on achieving a common goal, celebrating each other as they reach out emotionally to one another.

You have followed your heart, you have been going after what feeds your soul, and this is an affirmation there are no limits to what you can achieve.

It also speaks of a sense of community and can indicate it is indeed time to become more social and community-minded.

The Three of Cups shows three young women joyfully dancing with their cups raised, almost as if they are toasting their good fortune.

The ground around their feet is layered with flowers, fruit and a pumpkin, symbolizing the celebration of an abundant harvest and the goodness in life.

I often hear Helen Keller’s phrase "Alone we can do so little together we can do so much", when I see the Three of Cups in a reading.

If you’ve been feeling isolated or lonely in the pursuit of your dreams. Now is the time to reach out to your like-minded community and celebrate with them.

The people who love and support you will revel in your achievements, as if they had done it themselves!

This is another reason it is important to have those around you who can rejoice with you!

Another indication when the Three of Cups is present is a reminder that each of us is connected to the larger whole; we are all connected to something much larger than ourselves.

If you’ve found yourself holding back on rejoicing or celebrating and waiting until certain conditions or situations are met, the Three of Cups is telling you it’s time.

Facts About the Number 43/7

The 3 of Cups relates to the number 43/7 and speaks of responsibility, perfection and independence.

In relation to the number 43/7, Three of Cups signifies intuitive abilities, and combines the mystical with the practical.

The influence carries with it a deep sense of spirituality and allows you to follow your path as others travel their own path.

In 1943, Richard James invented the slinky and James Wright invented silly putty.

To your hard-won celebrations.

*** My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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