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My Manifestation of The Day


"I bless and release relationships or people who are no longer for my good. I release any stuck thinking or old patterns in me allowing negative people in my life. I step into the most empowered version of myself."

Tarot Card- Death Card

The number thirteen is indeed a powerfully special one, in fact it’s one of the only numbers that has its very own phobia (triskaidekaphobia - fear of the number thirteen ) attached to it!

Not that I make light of any phobia but long ago the number thirteen was known as a sacred and divinely feminine number since there are thirteen moons/lunar cycles each year (not 12) and women are uniquely tied into the moon cycles.

Not unlucky, thirteen is the luckiest number you could get. One representing your divine connection to the Universe.

In the traditional tarot this is the Death card, which genuinely means life transformation in terms of death and rebirth cycles.

The number thirteen is showing to let you know it’s time to transform whatever (or whomever) in your life is not supporting you. And to remind you that you have incredibly powerful divine beings on your side.

If there are people in your life who don’t see you, aren’t respectful, or are overly critical and you feel yourself shut down around their negativity - now is the time to let those relationships go.

When you release toxic or negative people from your life - or learn to draw solid boundaries with them if you can’t completely remove them - you bring in new energy for yourself that is no longer defensive, draining, or angry.

You will soon (or already are) experiencing much needed breakthroughs in relationships where you’ve been feeling stuck, upset, or challenged. This transformative time is important to your divine mission.

One of my friends was born on the 13th and her divine life’s mission is using her intuition and internal power to help teach boundaries and give a voice to all the women on this planet as a self-defense expert and master.

In living the energy of thirteen , you will be tapping into ancient forces and divine power for the betterment of all your relationships. Can you feel it?

Facts About the Number 13

The United States was founded with thirteen colonies. The Great Seal of the US has thirteen stars and the American Flag has thirteen stripes.

Many professional sports teams do not use the number thirteen on their uniforms and many buildings skip thirteen and the 12th floor is followed by the 14th floor.

In many cultures the age of thirteen is when a person becomes a man or a woman. In fact, the ancient Chinese cultures regard the number thirteen as lucky, along with ancient Egyptians.

Fear of this number has had a huge impact on our society.

To your healthy relationships,

*** My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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