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Astrological Energy Shift: Moon sextile Saturn - March 15, 2023

The moon was previously in the sign of Sagittarius. Yours truly was born under this placement, so I know this energy well. Whenever the moon is in a fire sign, it takes on an adventurous air, and Sag energy is no different. It’s likely that you’ve been feeling a burst of inspiration over the last few days, as well as a renewed lust for life. The sign is, after all, ruled by expansive and happy-go-lucky Jupiter! Today, however, La Luna moves into earth sign Capricorn, where it takes on a different vibe altogether.

When the moon is in the tenth sign, it finds itself in detriment, which means that it’s not comfortable here, and is operating on a weakened capacity. This is because its home sign, Cancer, is directly opposite, so we’re dealing with polarized energies. While Cancer is all about the home and hearth, nurturing, and staying within its comfort zone, Capricorn embraces career, ambition, and going for the gold. It’s not satisfied with staying at home and tending to the proverbial fire. It’s best suited to go out in the world and make something of itself.

Saturn is currently moving through the sign of Pisces, still at zero degrees of this watery domain since it entered it just a week ago. Now is the time to make your lofty dreams a reality, putting your money where your mouth is. Carefully setting up boundaries is key to make your goals come true here. And, since we have a nice grounded energy coming off of the moon today, we can further our pursuits. Whenever the moon sextiles Saturn, we are given the chance to calm down, slow our roll, and set our sights on the things that really matter. Emotional maturity will take you far under this transit, Rashan, especially since the moon is in Saturn’s ruling sign.

Maximize This Energy

The suit of cards in the tarot that relates to the grounded energy that we’re currently experiencing is the Suit of Pentacles. It’s within this spread that we roll up our sleeves, put in the hard work, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We must also remember to take responsibility for what we’re shaping in our lives and make sure that what we’re manifesting is in line with our ultimate goal. Although Saturn may make it seem otherwise, we are graced with some wiggle room here.

Go Deeper

Finding an an anchor is key while Saturn is moving through Pisces, and today’s moon in Capricorn offers us this. Although the moon is operating in a bit of a restricted state over the next few days, we’re still enjoying a clear and focused mind, a no-nonsense approach, and the ability to achieve whatever it is that we set out to do. Try applying this energy to your public and professional life.

Love and light.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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