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"I trust that Archangel Ambriel will guide me towards truths that resonate with my soul. I trust that whatever I am seeking is also seeking me. What I am desiring is already on its way to me with Archangel Ambriel’s support."

Angelic Reading

I have a very deep feeling that this one will resonate with you...


Well, Ambriel delivers the message of uncovering your divine truth.

If you’ve been feeling called to develop something like a project, a relationship, or even add more aspects to your daily spiritual rituals, Archangel Ambriel is inviting you to dive deeper to reveal your inner potential.

As the Archangel that rules over Gemini and the month of May, Ambriel delivers the reality that we all have polarity within us.

He understands that we as humans find it difficult to accept truths when they resonate as we usually have two dialogues going on in our heads (just like the duality of Gemini).

He’s here to support you in uncovering dashes of realism that resonate on a soul level.

The lessons that Ambriel comes to deliver are not easy to understand initially, which is why he is here to support you through these transitions.

After all, most of us humans don’t truly know what we want until we experience what we don’t want.

Ambriel hopes to help you take a short cut in uncovering what speaks to your soul so that you don’t have to experience so many polarizing circumstances to find what it is that you want to do in this lifetime.

When you call upon Archangel Ambriel as I have so many times, you can rest assured that he will always make his presence known with gusts of wind.

This symbolizes how quickly things can change and stimulates the mind and Mercurial energy (since he rules over the planet Mercury of thinking and communication).

Ambriel may also ignite your self-awareness so that you’re able to analyze things and discuss or communicate without criticizing or judging, helping guide your conscience towards your truth.

Simply declare your intentions and what you want most.

Whether it’s looking for deeper love, a harmonious work environment, or developing a stronger connection with your spirit guides, Ambriel will remind you to focus your thoughts and emotions on what you desire.

Cheers to a clear, purposeful mind.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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