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Hello, fellow astro-lover! Coming off of the equinox, the energy is still potent up there, and today is no exception. Read on to discover how to get over the minor hurdle that we’re experiencing… Astrological Energy Shift: Moon square Pluto - March 23, 2023

The moon is currently moving through the sign of Aries, hitting a square to Pluto just before it enters Taurus. With the moon here, it occupies the same domain as the sun (albeit in the later degrees). As we mentioned in our spring equinox reading (when the sun moved into the sign of the ram) this is very much an energy of ambition, lending us a take-charge attitude and high stamina. What you desire is yours for the taking under this luminary transit so long as you put the tangible effort in.

Pluto has just now entered Aquarius, which is considered to be a MAJOR event to astrologers. This powerhouse is finally ending its trek through Capricorn, a domain that it’s explored off and on (due to retrogrades) since 2008! With the planet of death and rebirth here, we saw the collapse of the housing market, as well as a toppling of long-held institutions in general. Although it will enter Capricorn again once it goes into another backwards position, we are official in the sign of the water bearer. Humanitarian efforts will be put on the forefront rather than our personal pursuits, change will inevitably happen on a larger-than-life scale, and we will each find the authenticity that makes us unique and important members of society.

When the moon squares Pluto, our emotions can go haywire. This is because Pluto forces us to face that which we may be avoiding. It’s all about truth, honesty, and taking a plunge into the depths of our very souls. Although this can be a good thing, we must remember that a square is considered to be the most challenging aspect in astrology. What you resist will persist right now, and you may feel the need to detach from others and lick your wounds, so to speak.

Maximize This Energy

Although we could wax on about Pluto’s connection to the Death card in the tarot, we feel it may be more useful to focus on another card that’s connected to this intense planet. Namely, Judgement. This card depicts people emerging from graves, heeding the call of the trumpeting angel in the skies above. Absolution is here, as well as radical rebirth. Of course, as the card’s name suggests, we also will experience judgement of our actions. This is all for the benefit of assessing what has gone wrong and what has gone right in our lives and learning from these lessons. Leave behind what no longer belongs and rise above.

Go Deeper

This is prime time to do some shadow work. We are offered this chance multiple times a month, whenever the moon aspects Pluto, but most especially when we’re experiencing a square. Look into the parts of yourself that you shun, the traits that remain hidden for fear of shame, rejection, and judgement. Allow any and all emotions to come to the surface and observe them from a distance without succumbing to criticism. What can be released right now under Pluto’s death and rebirth influence?

Love and light.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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