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"I trust Archangel Ausiel to revitalize me and guide me towards my divine soul purpose. I confidently trust that all of my needs are met and that and my loved ones and I will want for nothing when following my divine soul mission."

Angelic Reading- Archangel Ausiel

The angel that rules over the sign of Aquarius, Archangel Ausiel, is watching over you right now.

In fact, his angelic presence made an appearance during your reading because it’s imperative that you keep your head held high as you continue moving towards your life’s divine soul purpose.

You see, Archangel Ausiel’s message holds so much power.

He is ushering in a new level of consciousness for all of humanity as we shift astrological ages from The Age of Pisces (of belief, illusions, and delusions) into The Age of Aquarius (of facts, humanitarianism, equality, and information).

So yes, his presence can be felt all over the globe right now, but he came to me during your reading to emphasize that you have a divine mission that you must carry out -- and you know what it is inside, you just have to trust yourself in discovering it.

Right now, you’re being given a gift to follow your heart, passions, and happiness -- which honestly can spark a little fear in you.

Not many people are given the chance to fully commit to their soul’s mission without worrying about mundane aspects of life, like work or bills. But know that if you follow your heart right now, all of your needs will be met!

Archangel Ausiel is the angel that rules over forward-thinking Aquarius, an air sign.

This indicates that things can change quickly just as the breeze switches directions constantly.

Please do not resist the changes coming into your life as they are taking place through divine guidance from Archangel Ausiel.

I remember when Ausiel first presented himself to me and I resisted the necessary changes I needed to make -- I almost missed out on some of the greatest opportunities of my life!

So please give all of your worries and stresses to Archangel Ausiel to handle in the spiritual realm.

To call forth the mighty power of Archangel Ausiel, simply ask for his assistance in providing relief and assistance in highlighting your immaculately planned path.

To your new chapter.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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