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My Manifestation of The Day


"I lovingly detach from old connections that no longer match my energetic frequency. I look forward to the divinely guided friendships, partnerships, and relationships that are making way into my life now."

Daily Tarot Reading: 3 OF CUPS

Did you know that there are huge shifts going on up in the cosmos that are directly affecting the collective’s energy? 

Not only are these energetic shifts affecting the world around us all, but they are also directly effecting you, too. 

One of the main shifts that have been taking place is this shift from Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which is all about community and humanitarianism. 

It makes sense as to why on a collective level, social issues have taken the main stage which is very Aquarian energy. 

On a personal level, your spirit guides want you to know that The Universe is activating a social shift for you as well. 

When the Three of Cups card shows up in a reading, it brings forward new friendships, relationships, and partnerships that are actually in alignment with your soul. 

For a while, you may have felt a little lonely -- especially during the chaos that seemed to consume most of 2021. 

The most consistent thing that I’ve heard from many of my clients during this time is that many people seemed to just be "falling out of their lives."

Have you experienced this recently? 

If it's been difficult with losing old friends, disconnecting with family members that just don’t seem to support you or understand who you truly are, and even move away from jobs that no longer serve you, you’re truly in alignment with The Universe's energy. 

Don’t worry! 

This isolated feeling is coming to a close with the divine message of fulfilling partnership and friendship with the 3 of Cups card. 

As challenging as vibrating past your old friends and family might have been, it was completely necessary to isolate and improve yourself by yourself. 

Now that you have space in your life for new connections, you can attract authentic soul family members that match this 3 of Cups energy in the future! 


Cheers to your authentic self.

***My Personal Reading comes from Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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