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Divine Guidance Reading:

Astrological Energy Shift: Mars trine Saturn - March 30, 2023

At long last, Mars has left Gemini and is now moving into the domain of Cancer. While the planet of energy, passion, and masculinity enjoyed its time in the expressive and intellectual third sign, it’s facing quite a different vibe in the fourth. This is due, in part, to the fact that Mars finds itself in fall here. Its energy is shackled a bit - not entirely restricted, just a bit diluted. As a result, we are likely to become more subdued, more patient, and considerably more caring. Not to say that emotional outburst won’t happen, because that’s inevitable when we’re dealing with Cancerian energy, but we should be better able to put on a brave face and pick ourselves up by our bootstraps.

If you follow astrology, including our Daily Divine Guidance Readings, it’s likely that you’re aware that Saturn has recently changed signs. Earlier this month, it exited Aquarius, where it was master of its domain (as Aquarius’ ancient ruling planet). While we may have experienced a deepening of concern over the state of the human race, on the other side of the coin, we encountered a coldness that can translate into detachment from close and personal connections. On the plus side, we learned to create necessary boundaries and to favor conservative efforts. Now that Saturn has entered Pisces, we find an inner strength that often leaves us feeling invincible rather than vulnerable. It’s important at this time, however, to acknowledge our perceived weaknesses and go to work on them.

When Mars is trines Saturn, we tend to enjoy renewed energy in our business affairs (Saturn is, after all, Capricorn’s modern ruling planet). Saturn is known to be extremely restrictive and confining, however, so if things aren’t moving as fast as impatient Mars would like, some trouble can arise. Thankfully, we’re dealing with a trine, so the favorable traits of both planets are sure to come out. Hard work is the name of the game here, concentrating your energy and efforts on an ultimate goal. This transit has staying power, so take advantage of the increased stamina.

Maximize This Energy

Since Saturn is putting on quite a show as of late, let’s explore one of the tarot cards that is tied to its energy - Death. Rather than be fearful of Saturn’s lessons, you must remember that everything has a season, and that your own perceived limitations and restrictions are actually helping you to become a better person. This is simply a transition, and you will come out of the experience much wiser.

Go Deeper

As Mars and Saturn don’t often interact (since they’re both slow-moving), we are being offered quite an opportunity today. It’s high time to ground Mars’s passionate energy and put it to good use; Saturn likes the motto "Waste not, want not." Address any business issues you may be experiencing and determine how you can be more aggressive in this area of your life.

Love and light.

**My Personal Reading Comes From Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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