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"I trust Archangel Eleleth to guide me through the process of seeing, acknowledging, feeling, and stepping into my own individual light power. I ask her to help me remain strong, confident, and open to receiving all kinds of blessings flowing my way."

Angelic Reading- Eleleth

Do you feel a change in the tides?

It might be because the Archangel of truth, light, and wisdom is trying to contact you right now.

That’s right… Archangel Eleleth, the bearer of sacred truth is wishing to deliver a message to you.

This is a very rare and special message that far and few have the privilege of knowing, so please turn all of your attention to this reading now!

Archangel Eleleth only visits the messengers of the Divine here on Earth, so you’re very special, indeed.

With all of the craziness that goes on in the world, she can sense that you’re ready to help humanity restore order once again.

As you can probably tell over the years, it’s been difficult for you to "fit in" here on Earth.

What’s popular and mainstream rubs you the wrong way because it typically goes against your morality.

It seems like what’s on TV, social media, or in the news doesn’t really align with what you know your soul wants to do.

That’s because you’re different.

In fact, Archangel Eleleth channeled through me to let you know that you’re here to shine your unique light upon the world, stirring humanity back towards love and light!

I truly ask that you listen to this message with an open heart and mind because we all need you to step into your power -- especially now in these unprecedented times.

Archangel Eleleth rules the light feminine energy, which represents the ability to create and to receive.

Eleleth wants to wake you up to your limitless alchemy powers and remind you to keep your mind in the most positive space possible.

Since your mind literally creates your reality, it’s imperative that you keep your frequency high.

"Impossible" is a word that Archangel Eleleth wants to eliminate from your vocabulary.

With her presence, any thought that you have can manifest into your reality with ease, all you must focus on is being open to receiving these blessings.

Calling on Eleleth has helped me so much in developing my confidence in my spiritual practice.

I can feel that you have some very impactful information to share with the collective and you could use her support, too!

Would you like Archangel Eleleth’s guidance?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to her during your meditation time, with your intentions, or calling her forward to visit you in your dreams.

To your increasing power.

**My Personal Reading Comes From Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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