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My Manifestation of The Day


"My relationships bring out the best in me and I, in return, bring out the best in them.



Hi there! It may seem like an ordinary Wednesday, but there’s something brewing in the skies to take note of…

The moon was previously in the sign of Virgo. This is a very practical place for it to be, as we value order and process in this domain. The caveat here is that we tend to place logical, analytical thinking over emotional availability (Virgo is, after all, ruled by intellectual Mercury).

The groundedness can’t be discounted, however, which can act like a breath of fresh air for those of us who experience emotional ups and downs.And, speaking of air, the moon is now resting comfortably in air sign Libra!

This is a very exciting placement, as Libran energy involves a thriving social life, an emphasis on partnerships, and a penchant for all things beautiful (being ruled by Venus herself).

While Virgo enjoys organizing and maintaining the order of things, Libra ventures out and enjoys life itself. It’s not uncommon under this transit, however, to take a break from the partying and have an emotional heart-to-heart with your dearest one.

The full moon in this sign encourages us to appreciate our relationships - romantic and platonic alike - and achieve balance within them.

During this significant moon cycle, it’s also important to look back on the seeds you planted just after the new moon period and see what’s blossomed.

The harvest is in - you must simply make an effort to acknowledge the fruits of your efforts.

Maximize This Energy

The tarot card that closely aligns with the full moon energy is (you guessed it!) The Moon. We are being supported in our efforts to part the curtains of illusion, dive into the subconscious, and trust our intuition. While this can be scary, it’s necessary to go beyond the surface (where Libra often gets stuck) and get to the heart of the matter. 

Go Deeper

Bust out some pen and paper - it’s time to make a list! Take pause and consider your closest relationship (romantic or otherwise). In one column, jot down everything that you’re grateful for in this relationship. In the other, write down everything that needs to be worked on.

Think of what you need to release in order to allow this relationship to thrive, and make an intention to release these things when the moon begins to wane (in about three days’ time). 

Love and light.

**My Personal Reading Comes From Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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