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My Manifestation of The Day


"I am grateful for this new beginning in my life and I will receive the blessings in store for me on this journey with an open heart and deep appreciation. And I will put in the work required to enable those blessings to easily flow from my endeavors."

Numberology / Tarot Card Reading


Time for a new beginning!

The Ace of Pentacles card appeared with a message for you this morning.

When you look at this card you will see a mystical hand holding a pentacle (coin) emerging from some clouds.

In the tarot, aces are the equivalent to New Moons in astrology - a time of new beginnings. Seeing this card indicates a new cycle is (or soon will be) starting in your life.

Pentacles are focused on the material and the sensual world. So the ace of pentacles indicates the beginning of a cycle that is focused primarily on material abundance and wealth.

You might start to see some significant changes, as soon as today.

These changes could be bringing in new opportunities, beginning a new career, starting a new business, or kicking off a plan that includes far more self care for your physical body. You are in the perfect space for manifesting what you want!

No matter what you begin at this time, this card indicates that it will be successful for you. As long as you do your part.

This journey may be filled with emotions and require tenacity and determination to reach your goals. But if you take time to nurture this new phase of your life carefully, it will provide abundant fruits for your investment of time and energy.

Facts About the Number 1

The number one is the number of unity and the atomic number of hydrogen.

It was thought to be "God’s number" by Philo of Alexandria and the source of existence by the philosopher Plotinus.

It was also considered to be the loneliest number by the band Three Dog Night. Being number one typically connotes winning in most games or competitions.

There is a spiritual tradition called unity based entirely on the idea of oneness, that all things come from the one divine source and we are all uniquely connected as one.

January 1st (1/1) is considered by many to be the start of a new cycle, a clean slate, and new beginnings. In computer language, binary code uses 1 and 0 to represent any kind of data.

To your new beginning!

**My Personal Reading Comes From Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

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