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My Manifestation of The Day


"I will receive divine guidance to reveal the things and people that no longer fit on my path and how to let them there is room for me to receive the abundant gifts the Universe has waiting for me."

Tarot Card Reading

Daily Tarot Reading The Fool - New Beginnings

It’s a time for new beginnings!

When The Fool card shows up, it's time to shift out of the old and step into the unknown!

It’s not about being foolish, it's about being open to freedom, exploration, wonderment, curiosity, and whatever frees your spirit!

This is a time of great potential and spontaneity with the opportunity to use your creative mind and playful spirit! You are being called to follow your heart and embrace the unknown, rashan!

I have a friend who could never get rid of anything. In a reading I did for her, The Fool showed up and I explained it was showing her, with direct and loving honesty, none of us can bring in new opportunities if we're tightly holding onto the old.

After sitting with it for a little while, bit by bit, she started going through her clutter and selling what she could, donating what she couldn’t.

Not long after, she met her romantic partner - one she’d honestly given up ever finding, and they are getting married. She made room and the Universe filled in her space!

What is it you’re ready to let go of? Where are you ready to see some opportunities show up? Where do you want to feel the sense of freedom you desire?

This is your invitation to relax, play, and have fun in the process and to leave fear, anxiety or worry about the unknown BEHIND YOU. Take the next steps into your own adventure.

The Fool asks we start by opening to possibilities and new opportunities and have faith in the outcome.

You don’t have to know where you’re going, rashan, or how you’re going to get there. Just you take the leap of faith and release with an open mind!

To your leap of faith,

**My Personal Reading Comes From Aurora Starr-Your Soul Guide

( The Universe )

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