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My Manifestation of The Day


" I am not alone, I am divinely connected. I find trust in the power of my soul and the power in the divine to guide me toward letting whatever mental distress I'm carrying. I set down my burden and move forward in strength. "

Notes: Powerful affirmation letting go of your burdens and moving forward is no easy task for some who is stressed out and worried. And I've been there. The only way for that to happen is through prayer and faith.

Tarot Card: The Nine of Wands

Speaks of attainment, resilience, accumulation, experience, and completion. It can also indicate you mind has been creating challenges where there are none.

*** I mind has been trying to create problems but I make those negative thoughts disappear with positive sayings/quotes.

My reading from the Nine of Wands- " Are you finally ready to release any negativity in your thinking and limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage in own thoughts?

*** Most defiantly, my first book of the year was ' The Power of your Subconscious Mind ' by Joseph Murphy

+This is my personal reading- Coming from Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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