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My Manifestation of The Day


" I know the Universe has my back and I lovingly release anything that no longer serves me or my highest good. I use this chance to create a life I love that loves me back.

I am free of limited thinking and patterns. "

Tarot Card : The Tower

Usually when the The Tower card shows up it means a disruption going to take place, but not for me!

This is a sign for me that it's time to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in new and wonderful ways! Right now I'm being assured I've learned from the pieces of life which have felt chaotic, disjointed, and out of place. My enlightenment is at hand!

The Tower shows us the places in our lives that had been built on a weak or unstable foundation and these are the places needing to be strengthened or recreated.

It's all about creating a better, more solid foundation with the Tower.

And I am about to reap the rewards of my personal transformation!

***My Personal Reading from- Aurora Starr- Your Soul Guide

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