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Today's Chakra Reflection

Today's Energy:

You are a spiritual being in a physical body. As a result, your environment can greatly impact your mood. Since you are innately connected to your surroundings, the quality of life flourishing is reflective of your state of mind. When things are messy, disorganized, or dirty, this is an indicator that you are neglecting your well-being. Today’s energy encourages you to tidy up: physically, spiritually, and mentally. This is an opportunity to tune into the energy of your environment and make it some place where you can thrive.


It’s important to cleanse your entire chakra system at least once a week. Otherwise, lingering energies and blockages can slowly shut down the flow of energy. Hoarding belongings and maintaining energetic attachments to outdated things is a quick way to shut down your energy system. The energetic and physical are reflective of each other. Release and renew.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand in an upright position. Begin by rubbing your hands together to generate heat. Put your hands on your lower abdomen and feel the energy move through your hands to your root chakra. Set the intention to cleanse this chakra. Next, move your hands up to right below your navel and feel the energy move through your hands to your sacral chakra cleansing it. Then, repeat the same motion for cleansing at your solar plexus right above your navel. Continue allowing the energy to flow through your hands as you work your way up to each remaining chakra: throat, third eye, and crown. Generate more heat in your hands as you feel is needed between connecting with chakras. When you reach your crown chakra, push your arms upward for a stretch. You have cleansed and energized your entire chakra system.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Cleansing my chakras and physical space creates positive energy flow.”

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