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Give Yourself Grace

Stop Denying Yourself Credit

For human beings, it is easy to point out their flaws and mistakes. It’s easier to focus on your struggles than acknowledging the far you’ve come. Why are you denying yourself the credit you deserve? The universe is telling you to stop underestimating yourself. You have within you the ability and power to achieve your life dreams. No dream is too big or impossible for you to achieve. Enough with all the negative thinking and focus on where you want to go. Set your mind on winning and not your flaws, mistakes and challenges. Adapt a positive mindset and nothing can stop you. At least you dare to dream, give yourself some credit for that for a start.

You are Enough and You Matter

Sometimes you will feel that you are not doing enough and you are not where you want to be. The feeling is frustrating and exhausting. You end up punishing yourself by pushing yourself too hard that you are left worn out and burned out. Why are you belittling your efforts? Why do you lack trust in yourself? Relax, you are enough, you are doing great just take a step at a time and trust the process. Life doesn’t always go the way you want. Give yourself credit for the times you overcame what you thought you couldn’t. Pat yourself in the back for being strong and victorious throughout the storms life sends your way. The universe guarantees that you are headed for greatness once you start giving yourself some credit. Giving yourself credit will boost your motivation and confidence and charge you in your great mission.

Affirmation of the Day:

“I will think about the far I have come and not the far I have to go. I will acknowledge my small achievements rather than focusing only on the long journey ahead of me.”

*My personal reading (emailed)

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