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Message For Life!!!

Stay Woke From People Treating You Like an Option

Do you not know of your worth? Why concede to be used as an option to fit another person’s convenience? The universe does not accent others disregarding you because you seem insignificant at the moment and then when needed, the same people reach out as an alternative.

Be woke at all times to discern when someone is using you as an option when all other prioritised people or things fail. Keep away from other people’s business as it will earn you respect. People will be afraid of aimlessly approaching you as they do not know of your response and if they do, it will not be as an alternative. Make people value you even in your absence.

Being an Option Devalues You

The moment you accept to be an option, people degrade you and see you as unimportant. The day they choose you as an option, you will be important to them but the day whoever you had replaced or whatever you stood in for is achieved, you will be rendered useless. Do not wish such things for yourself as you lead through life as they may leave a wound that might never heal.

In a relationship, do not allow your partner to take you as an option. Set standards before you get into a relationship and come to a consensus on what you want to be to ensure you are on the same grounds and to enable you to prioritise your love among other things. Present yourself in a way your partner will never think of finding someone else and making you an option.

Affirmation of the Day:

“I might not have achieved my goal in life or gotten to where I want to be yet but today I refuse to be treated as an option. I know my worth and I will not allow anybody or anyone to degrade me.”

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